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Welcome to Sky's the Limit!  We are so glad you found us!

This group comes together for enrichment of a home-based / cyber learning curriculum for fun, socialization, education  and opportunities in the Butler and surrounding areas. 

Our traditional weekly class day is full for fall of 2022 already. We then created "STL Groupies " that will start September of 2022. This group was created to allow us to serve more families in our area and build community for all  but unfortunately is closed for registration as of 8/2/2022

You can still request membership to be put on our waiting list. 

STL Groupie Membership Fee of $20.00 per family for the entire year .  This gives you access to a minimum of once monthly events, parties , educational trips /opportunities , assemblies ,  and classes organized  by us for your family . In addition, as a groupie- you would be next in line for access to  our traditional class day spots at one of our campuses if they would open up .

Please note : Additional Fees may be required for certain  classes, field trips , assemblies or events .  We make every effort to keep costs at a minimum .  Your yearly family membership fee covers costs associated with our website  for licensing and transaction fees. 

To reiterate as an STL Groupie  , your $20 registration fee gets you access to a minimum of once monthly events .This may include assemblies at our host locations , field trips , picnics , events , parties etc . We will commit to creating and facilitating once monthly enrichment , educational and socialization opportunities for our "Groupies"

Any adult entering premises will need to submit copies of clearances.

1. PA State Police Clearance ( Criminal History ) 

2.Child Abuse History Clearance.

3. FBI Clearance if you have lived outside the Commonwealth of Pa n the last 10 years.

All Waivers and Forms will need to be completed and signed.

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